First Time Mothers Group


Join other new moms in a wonderful opportunity for support and connection!

Jennifer Subasic-Marks has been facilitating support groups for new moms and babies for more than 25 years here in the East Bay.

Groups are offered in both Berkeley and Oakland locations.

Berkeley groups meet at the Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship on Bonita at Cedar in North Berkeley. The entrance is on Bonita. We meet upstairs in the Fireside Room. Parking is on street.

Oakland groups meet at the offices East Bay Lactation Associates,  5730 Market Street near Adeline in North Oakland. Parking available on site and on street.

Groups of 6 – 12 moms and babies meet twice a week for six weeks, and then continue to meet on their own after that for as long as there is interest. Most groups stay together for years once they begin.

Once a week we meet for a facilitated conversation focusing on topics that are important to new moms and once a week moms and babies get together for an outing or activity. Both work well together to help build strong relationships and to gain confidence and experience in getting out and about with your little ones!

Babies range from 0 – 6 months old when we begin the group, with the majority being 3-16 weeks.

Jennifer Subasic-Marks, facilitator

510-604-3301, text message is best!


Fee: $200
Topics Include:
  • Sharing your birth or adoption story
  • The story of your baby’s name
  • Sleep
  • Feeding challenges
  • Physical recovery & intimacy
  • Relationships
  • Sharing parenting responsibilities
  • Returning to work – or not
  • Finding childcare
  • Getting a break
  • Exercise and taking care of your body while being a busy mom
  • Planning for future meetings for your group before the sessions end

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Second Time Mothers Group


Expanding your family is an amazing adventure! More love, and more challenges as well!
Join other moms who have recently had their second or third baby in an opportunity for support and connection. In these sessions we will discuss challenges with the new baby, but also with the adjustment of your older child/ren.  We will also address your expanding identity as the mother of more than one. It is such a relief to be with other women who deeply understand this new experience!

This group is intended for moms whose baby is between 0-6 months. Most babies are 2 – 16 weeks when we begin. Groups are 6 – 12 moms and babies. We meet with the new babies, but without the older children. It is too challenging to try and talk and take care of more than one! We are also talking a fair amount about the older child/ren’s adjustment and we don’t want to do that in front of them.

Moms meet once a week for a facilitated session and once a week for an activity or outing. Groups continue to meet on their own after the first six weeks, for as long as there is interest and most stay together for years!

Groups meet at the offices of East Bay Lactation Associates at 5730 Market Street at Adeline in North Oakland. Parking is available on site and on street.

Fee: $200

Topics Include:

  • Sibling and family adjustment!
  • Living with less personal space & time
  • The change in your relationship with your older child
  • Behavioral changes/challenges in your older child
  • Managing sleep for everybody
  • Balancing baby’s needs with family’s needs
  • Returning to work or not
  • Getting a break
  • Relationships
  • Taking care of yourself: exercise, physical recovery, and intimacy,

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